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Brearley House Video

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View the 7-minute video of the Brearley House, over the web! Just click on the links below. Details below

SLOW (Modem) Brearley Video (56K) Brearley Video (56K)
FAST (Cable, DSL, etc.) Brearley Video (300K) Brearley Video (300K)

Real Player: Both Macs and Windows can run this, and if you don't have the program  you can download it from RealNetworks web site.

Windows Media Player: Many newer machines come with it already installed.

If you're not sure which works, try them both. Within each set, there's a link for slower (e.g. modem) connections, and one for faster (e.g. DSL, Cable, or office networks).

Adam Nagy, Camera Audio
Jim Williams, Reportor/Editor
Brian Peroni, Lighting, Stills, Graphics
Janet Bickal
Martha Logan
Joseph Logan
The Lawrence Historical Society
Mercer County Community College
Video Streaming: Mihai Parparita and Dwight Bashore
Princeton University Office of Information Technology

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